2016 Spring Schedule

Jan. 16th vs. Tempe
Jan. 30th @ Temecula
Feb. 6th vs. Ventura
Feb. 20th @Santa Barbara
Feb. 27th @ SLO
Mar. 12th vs. Fullerton
Apr. 2nd vs. San Fernando
Apr. 9th @ Pasadena
Apr. 23rd Playoffs
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What is Rugby?

Most of the time, rugby is compared to a cross of soccer and football, although this is true it doesn't really prepare you for what rugby is. Rugby is a game of speed, strength, kicking, passing, running, and tackling. Therefore, rugby is a FULL CONTACT sport.

History of Rugby

The short story of how rugby was created starts in 1823 with William Webb Ellis picking up the soccer ball, and running with it, thus creating a new sport entirely. Rules and such came along thereafter, and now we have a wonderfully addicting game! For a complete history, click here.


Playing rugby starts like any other sport, practice. Give it a few times, you won't understand at all by just coming to one practice, actually you won't understand most until you play your second or third game. It takes patience to learn a new sport, so give us some time and you'll soon be addicted!

What do I need?

Rugby requires no experience. None. If you can run, you can play. Come to practice in a shirt and shorts you don't mind getting messy, with a water bottle, sneakers, and you'll be set! Later on, you will need a mouth guard and boots.

But... where and how? Rugby is played on a pitch. It looks like a football field, but is measured in meters and the uprights (goal posts) are in front of the try zone (where you score) instead of behind. How to play is a long story and is most effectively learned through experiences at practice, where one is actually involved. However, here are some ground rules: we pass the ball backwards, never forward. To score, you need to touch the ball on the ground inside the try zone. We kick the ball out of bounds sometimes to gain better position. We lift people in the air to gain possession of the ball.

You want me to do what?!

Do we have a position for you! You'll learn in detail at practice what all the positions are, but there are two basic groups in rugby, forwards and backs. Forwards are the powerhouse people, these players are expected to be strong and reliable, following the ball and tackling the other team very often. Backs are the fast, agile people you see zipping around and pass the ball around in pretty lines. Your position will be inside the forwards or the backs, positions which are described here.

But I'm out of shape...

Not an excuse, our practices will have you running, passing, and even our favorite, lunging, until you can run for 80 mins (the length of a rugby game) and not think twice about it. The only time out in rugby is for injuries and a five minute half, so you may not be in shape now, but you will be soon enough.

Last but certainly not least... social!

After the game, you'll be able to party with the team you just played as well as your teammates. The social, hosted by the hosting team, consists of food, drinks, and general merriment. Songs will be sung, rookies will look amazing in their rookie gear, and it will be fun!